In June 2013, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), due to reports of adverse responses following vaccination, suspended its strong recommendation on routine immunisation of young girls against the virus of human papilloma (HPV). The website of the MHLW warns of the importance of these unfavourable events for the following 4 years. The MHLW website was changed r to reflect a less negative position. In the Japanese women whose daughters were at the target of HPV vaccines, the study evaluated public awareness of MHLW’s amended flyer and how this information influenced their intentions to vaccinate the daughters. A survey was carried out in 14 different health facilities at the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The questionnaire was provided to women with HPV-vaccine targeted daughters. Before and after the 2018 revised MHLW pamphlet, the survey measured their response. 384 mothers were assessed.

Prior to being given the leaflet, the poll indicated that 6.5% of respondents’ daughters had already been vaccinated. Following reading the MHLW leaflet, an additional 6.9% said, “I want to get my daughter vaccinated right away,” and 37.6% said, “I have great thoughts regarding HPV vaccination.”

The researchers anticipate that by distributing the new MHLW booklet to obstetrics and gynaecology facilities, they will be able to significantly raise the HPV vaccination rate in Japan.