Social communication skills are of great importance as they are directly related to social communication and confidence. People with disabilities struggle to form social ties because of a lack of social communication skills.

Video modeling (VM) interventions are being used to teach social skills to autistic people and they have increasingly been examined as a means of teaching social communication skills to individuals with ASD. However, the research that used SCRDs showed inconsistent results across participants within studies and across studies. The purpose of this review was to synthesize 24 research studies using SCRD to examine the effects of VM for individuals with ASD on social communication skills. We applied the WWC SCRD design standards, conducted our own independent visual analysis, and calculated four nonoverlap indices to synthesize this research.

The study concluded through its findings from the synthesis of the 24 SCRD studies that VM intervention is an evidence-based practice according to the WWC standards for increasing the social communication skills of individuals with ASD. Implications for future research and practice are discussed.