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For more 35 years, Physician’s Weekly has been a trusted source of medical news and information for healthcare professionals at the point of care. Our unique wallboard publication—the cornerstone of our success—is located in over 10,000 top medical institutions in the country. Physician’s Weekly offers in-depth interviews with the most highly respected experts in the industry who weigh in on landmark research and trending topics affecting the medical community. Physician’s Weekly also offers physicians and other healthcare professionals accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities.

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Allergy & Immunology  •  Behavioral Health  •  Cardiology

Critical Care  •  Dermatology  •  Diabetes & Endocrinology

Gastroenterology  •  Hospital – Emergency Rooms  •  Hospital – General

Hospital – Surgery  •  Infectious Diseases  •  Neurology

OBGYN & Women’s Health  •  Oncology  •  Pain  •  Pediatrics

Primary Care  •  Pulmonology  •  Rheumatology


Our Solution

Physician’s Weekly delivers coordinated, free educational content and sponsored brand messaging to physicians and their staff at the point-of-care, but only when healthcare professionals want it and are therefore most receptive to learning.  PW’s renowned and trusted editorial ensures that our partners’ promotional brand messages are also seen across both digital and printed channels for amplified brand performance.

Augmented Reality Brings Print to Life

Physician’s Weekly multi-media approach brings digital to print for an immersive experience for the healthcare provider.  Through the Physician’s Weekly mobile application, doctors can engage with our content for additional information, opinion leader videos, and reference materials.  These capabilities are also available to our advertising partners.


Our Editorial Staff

Janine Anthes                                                               
Director of Editorial Operations

Chris Cole
Editorial Director

Rebecca Shover
Associate Editor

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