The Particulars: When evaluating patients with syncope, ischemia is an important consideration, particularly among the elderly. Few studies have been conducted to analyze the potential benefits of PCI among older syncope patients with obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD).

Data Breakdown: Patients aged 65 and older with CAD undergoing cardiac catheterization for syncope were assessed in a study. Participants were divided into those who received PCI or those who did not in order to compare long-term risks of mortality, heart attack, or stroke (MACE) and late revascularization. No significant differences were seen in risks of MACE between the two groups. However, the risk of revascularization was higher in older patients with syncope who received PCI.

Take Home Pearls: Among older syncope patients with obstructive CAD, those who undergo PCI appear to have similar cardiovascular outcomes as those who do not receive the procedure. However, those undergoing PCI had higher risks of late revascularization.