The Particulars: Data indicate that the Global SYMPLICITY Registry is the largest dataset of patients with uncontrolled hypertension who have been treated with renal denervation. Research has yet to use the data to examine adverse event rates and blood pressure at 6 months among patients in the registry.

Data Breakdown: Data analysis on 1,000 patients in the Global SYMPLICITY Registry found only five adverse events attributable to renal denervation. At 6 months, average blood pressure (BP) dropped an average 11.9 mm HG for all patients and 19.8 mm Hg for those with baseline office pressures of 160 mm HG or greater. Ambulatory systolic BP dropped an average 7.9 mm HG at 6 months for all patients with BP readings of 140 mm HG or higher, and 9.2 mm HG for those with BP of 160 mm HG or higher.

Take Home Pearl: Renal denervation appears to significantly lower BP at 6 months among patients with uncontrolled hypertension, with low rates of adverse events.