This study states that Lower urinary plot assessment in ladies with pelvic organ prolapse usually incorporates estimation of the post-void lingering pee volume. Compact bladder scanners may not precisely measure post-void remaining pee volume in ladies with pelvic organ prolapse as the bladder is not, at this point in its typical anatomical position. In this examination we explored the exactness of the BladderScan® BVI 9400 to gauge post-void leftover pee volume in ladies with prolapse. 

We led an imminent observational investigation of 31 ladies with pelvic organ prolapse being assessed in the outpatient setting. Ladies went through 3 post-void lingering pee volume estimations, including 1) compact bladder check with prolapse not diminished, 2) versatile bladder filter with prolapse decreased and 3) straight catheterization. Understudy’s t-test, Pearson’s connection and Bland-Altman examination were utilized to look at the 3 estimations. 

There were no distinctions in outright blunders among the 3 strategies for estimation . Each of the 3 estimations were unequivocally related . The bladder examine estimations acquired during prolapse decrease didn’t seem to concur more with the siphoned volume than the bladder filter estimations got when prolapse was not diminished.

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