ACG is offering add on sessions that attendees can register for. There are 24 bonus sessions in total! Here’s a sample of a few sessions on offer:


ACG Liver Guidelines
Moderator: Alexandra Shingina, MD

  • Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease
    Ashwani K. Singal, MD, MS, FACG
    Apply the current evidence-based guidelines in the diagnosis and management of alcohol-associated liver disease.
  • Acute Liver Failure vs Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure
    Alexandra Shingina, MD
    Distinguish acute liver failure from acute-on-chronic liver failure, and apply evidence-based strategies for management  of these patients.
  • Hemochromatosis
    Manida Wungjiranirun, MD
    Describe the diagnosis and management of patients with iron overload.

Advances in Acute Pancreatitis: Fluids, Feeds, and Future Complications
Moderator: Jodie A. Barkin, MD

  • The First 24 Hours: Insights in Fluid Management in Acute Pancreatitis
    Anna Evans Phillips, MD
    Evaluate the evidence for rehydration strategies in the early management of acute pancreatitis.
  • NPO on Day 3 No More: Early Re-Initiation of Enteral Nutrition in Acute Pancreatitis
    Darwin L. Conwell, MD, MS, FACG
    Examine the data for nutritional complications in acute pancreatitis and describe approaches to early refeeding with acute pancreatitis.
  • Long-Term Sequelae of Acute Pancreatitis: Exocrine and Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
    Jodie A. Barkin, MD
    Identify patients at risk for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and diabetes after acute pancreatitis and discuss appropriate management strategies.

Blood, Bowel, and Biomarkers: From Selection to Monitoring in IBD
Moderator: Adjoa N. Anyane-Yeboa, MD, MPH

  • Discussion of Risks and Positioning of Therapy in IBD
    Meenakshi Bewtra, MD, PhD, MPH
    Recognize safety and risks of therapy balanced with positioning of treatment options.
  • Lab Testing for Treatment and Disease Monitoring Strategies
    Adjoa N. Anyane-Yeboa, MD, MPH
    Interpret lab testing and monitoring strategies to optimize disease management.
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in IBD
    Andres J. Yarur, MD, FACG
    Explain drug and antibody level monitoring strategies with both TNF and non-TNF antagonist therapies.

Celebrating Women in GI

  • Promoting Gender Diversity in Non-Clinical Realms: Engaging Women in Research and Authorships
    Millie D. Long, MD, MPH, FACG
    Appraise high-impact publications led by female physician scientists.
  • It’s Time to Break Another Glass Ceiling: Women and Interventional Endoscopy
    Allison R. Schulman, MD, MPH
    Discuss barriers that women face in pursuing advanced endoscopy training, and recent inroads that have been made.
  • Ergonomics in Endoscopy – What Do Women Do Differently?
    Asmeen Bhatt, MD, PhD
    Demonstrate gender differences in endoscopy preferences and work-related physical injury.

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