The Particulars: Among the elderly, research suggests that elective colon resection is associated with poor perioperative outcomes. Using a laparoscopic approach to colon resection in the elderly may lead fewer discharges to nursing facilities than what has been seen with open colon resection.

Data Breakdown: For a study, data were reviewed on patients aged 70 or older who were admitted from independent living to undergo elective colon cancer resection. Among those who underwent open surgery, 20.0% were discharged to a nursing facility, compared with a 12.5% rate for those who underwent laparoscopic surgery. Older age, female gender, a Charlson comorbidity score of 3 or higher, and locally advanced cancer stages increased the risk of discharge to a nursing facility.

Take Home Pearl: Among elderly patients, laparoscopic colon cancer resection appears to decrease the risk of discharge to a nursing facility when compared with open resection procedures.