Alternatives to invasive surgical methods for sculpting the body have multiplied in recent years. To examine the Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) database for adverse events (AEs) related to non-invasive body contouring devices. The adverse events (AEs) linked to non-invasive body contouring devices were sought out in the MAUDE database between January 2011 and June 2021. There was a long list of search terms and names of popular products and companies used. There were 1,325 reports with 1,590 AEs across 6 treatment modalities. About 70% or more have come to light in the last 5 years. Most cases of paradoxical hyperplasia and hernias were treated with cryolipolysis, which accounted for 38.3% of all reports. Most observations were at a radio frequency (41.9%). Most reported side effects were burns, just like with laser devices. Unwanted fat loss and skin irregularities were commonplace after receiving the focused ultrasound. About 7 reports were made despite the concentrated electromagnetic field. This study’s findings corroborate those of others regarding the prevalence of local symptoms attributable to these devices while highlighting complications that have not been previously reported. The results of this research stress the significance of using a device correctly and following all manufacturer instructions. To prevent and effectively treat complications, healthcare professionals must be aware of the risks associated with each device.