Bronchopulmonary dysplasia is one of the most common pulmonary complications which is basically known for resulting in long-term pulmonary morbidity or death at times. This disease is so dangerous that it is usually understood as an irreversible growth arrest of the premature lung which is ideally caused by multiple pre and postnatal injuries. The incidence is usually 40 percent and is linked with a different sort of alveolar simplification. This disease is also linked with causing pulmonary regeneration and hence, it is ideally known for causing hyperoxia injury to other persons. The symptoms of the disease are very obvious and hence, include p17 syndrome which usually affects the nucleus of every cell and plays a vital role in providing for the increased levels of oxygen levels to the body. There have been many studies that have been conducted so far in order to measure the amount of tissue capacity which is affected when it comes to getting infected with this deadly disease. It was revealed that the data underscore the capacity of tissue repair by an added percentage of 45 percent. In addition, there is an increased proportion for the people to acknowledge the medicines which are helpful in fighting this chaos. This basically included the administration of AGY in the ratio of 2.5 mg/l for the best results.

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