This study states that The components by which GBA and APOE changes bring about PD or DLB are not completely seen, anyway there is proof that it could be associated with diminished degrees of GCase compound movement. CNS infiltration has been affirmed for Ambroxol, and has been appeared to increment glucocerebrosidase movement and protein levels in creature and human examinations. One little open examination with Ambroxol 420mg TID in PD for 186 days discovered fantastic objective commitment and improved engine indications, and a RCT with 50 PDD patients is continuous in London, Canada. We will execute a public multicenter stage III RCT clinical mediation concentrate with Ambroxol in prodromal and gentle DLB in Memory Clinics in Norway. We will incorporate people living with prodromal (DLB‐MCI) or gentle DLB with MMSE >=15 to Ambroxol or fake treatment. We will separate members dependent on genotypes for APOE and GBA and the CSF biomarkers A‐beta, absolute and phosphorylated tau protein. We will fabricate a public preliminary stage for drug preliminaries in neurodegenerative issues in Norway and plan to remember more places for Europe for next stage contemplates through the European DLB Consortium (E‐DLB). We will execute a PPI program to bring issues to light and decrease disgrace for individuals living with DLB and their families. The ANeED‐study has gotten financing from the public Norwegian wellbeing specialists. Formal endorsements for morals, information insurance and Medicine Agency are continuous.

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