There have been various instances wherein there have been reported instances of scientific reports of autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial which is yet another kind of kidney disease due to REN mutations.  There have been various kinds of research that have been conducted so far in order to unravel the international cohort characterizing the 111 individuals from 30 families that are linked with this disease. Many other samples in the population were even explored and hence, they were in the position to present 19.7 years as the mean age which is usually observed in the people who contract this deadly disease. REN mutations have been observed in approximately 85 percent of the people who were a part of the studies so far. Therefore, it was also noted that any sort of mutations in the mature renin was responsible for regulating the intermediate parts of Golgi compartments and hence, came in the position to reveal the further sub-types of ADTKD-REN which are diagnostically and clinically distinct. Hence, they are being further studies that have been conducted so far in order to prove this point in toto and the results have been somehow the same each time.

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