Researchers conducted this study to determine the gender, sexual history, and reason(s) for under-14svisitingg the authors’ sexual health clinics.

Researchers conducted an analysis of the 242 young people studied, 41% were male, and males were responsible for 42% of visits. There was no written record relating to 7% of the total visits. The median age at both first registration and first heterosexual intercourse were 12 years for males and 13 years for females. Details relating to a young person’s partner and their experience of sex were infrequently recorded, especially for males. 96% of males requested condoms, and 99% received them, whilst 72% of females ordered condoms and hormonal contraception, and 86% received them. 35% of females were seen for the consequences of sex. 80% of these subsequently received condoms and/or hormonal contraception. The majority of young people saw a nurse exclusively.

The study concluded that of the young clients seen, 41% are male. Sexual history details are infrequently recorded, particularly for males. The majority of young people accessing the authors’ service are taking action to protect their sexual health, and most will see a nurse exclusively.