SUI (Stress urinary incontinence) is a very common distressing condition in females. MUS (mid urethral sling) surgery is the gold standard treatment for this condition. This study tries to understand the impact of the surgery on the sexual functions of the subjects.

The researchers screened Cochrane Library, PubMed, and Embase for studies conducted on MUS treatments and its effect on sexual health of the subjects. The screened studies include those with questionnaires and FSFI too. The post and pre-operative sexual functioning data from those studies were extracted. The researchers conducted meta-analysis on the extracted data

The analysis of the data showed that the PISQ-12 scores six months from the operation were significantly higher than the scores before operation. The scores after 12 months were also higher than the pre-operation scores. FSFI scores were also higher at six months and 12 months than the pre-operation scores. The sub-scores like orgasm, satisfaction, desire, pain, and arousal also showed positivity improvement after surgery. There was a significant decrease in coital incontinence after surgery.

The sexual functioning of the female individuals was found to be improved after the MUS surgery. However, study with long-term follow-up data is required to create a standard output.