This study was done to evaluate antenatal contraceptive counseling and provision of postpartum contraception on contraceptive choices of first-time teenage mothers enrolled with an FNP program. This study was a design health service research evaluation.

The sample size included 195 FNP clients from the UK. The evaluation consisted of self-administered questionnaires of FNP clients and interviews with FNP clients and FNP nurses.

The area of focus was FNP client views on intervention. Secondary outcomes included: contraceptive choice antenatally, at day 10 postpartum, 3 and 12 months after delivery, and views of FNP nurses on the intervention.

Antenatal questionnaires were completed by 118/195 clients. 96/118 agreed that it was very or quite helpful to receive antenatal contraceptive counseling and 80/118 were planning to use a LARC. 97/121 wished to receive contraception before leaving the hospital. 104/195 completed a questionnaire at day 10 postpartum, of which 33 indicated that they had received contraception from the hospital.

The study concluded through its findings that antenatal contraceptive counseling was appreciated by FNP clients and they expressed a preference for contraception provision following delivery.