There have been many trials conducted for the purposes of RECOVERY TRIALS for calculating the largest and the most productive platform for the patients who have been subjected to the treatment of antivirus monotherapy and at the same time, infected with the problem of COVID-19. For the purpose of conducting this study, many people across different countries were taken and an attempt was made to study and analyze the health condition of all of them. The population included 175 patients from 7 different countries. These patients were also affected by the deadly novel coronavirus. Therefore, what matters the most in such situations is to ensure that the patients who were treated with this treatment and therapy had the appropriate amounts of RNA infected in them, and hence, with the help of this therapy the protein retention power of the people is increasing with every possible effort. Therefore, this is very much adopted and hence, very much useful for ensuring that the patients who have been infected with the novel coronavirus are able to cure themselves in the best possible manner since this therapy is able to build the immunity of the people as well.

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