The Particulars: Data are lacking on how race and ethnicity influence substance abusers who seek psychiatric emergency services (PES). With Latinos making up 55% of the population growth in the United States over the last decade, it is important to evaluate the differences between Caucasian and Latino substance abusers who use PES to help eliminate research paucity.

Data Breakdown: A comparison of Latino and Caucasian substance abusers using PES found that Latinos were more likely to be male (77% vs 55%), have no insurance (73% vs 56%), and be a danger to others (30% vs 18%). However, Caucasian and Latino substance abusers had similar rates of marriage (16% vs 14%) and were equally likely to be admitted to PES on involuntary hold (77%) and a danger to themselves (57%).

Take Home Pearls: Latino substance abusers who seek PES appear to have several factors that differentiate them from Caucasian substance abusers. More research on these factors and others is required in future investigations.