The aim of this study is To assess the onlay procedure utilizing the supplement for ureteral recreation and portray the underlying experience of nine activities performed by one specialist. Nine patients with complex ureteral injuries who went through appendiceal onlay fold ureteroplasty since May 2019 were enrolled from our RECUTTER data set. There were seven men and two ladies, with a mean period of 38.9 years; four patients went through robot-helped laparoscopic medical procedure, and five patients went through conventional laparoscopic medical procedure. All patients had iatrogenic wounds of the ureter after treatment of stone sickness. Seven patients had proximal ureteral injuries, and two had mid ureteral injuries. The mean injury length of the nine patients was 3.9 (territory 3–4.5) cm. Nephrostomy was performed on seven patients before they were introduced to our middle, and the other two patients had Double-J ureteral stents. All nine activities were successfully finished without open change. The mean activity time was 182 (territory 135–220) minutes, the mean assessed blood misfortune was 71 (territory 20–100) mL, and the mean length of postoperative emergency clinic stay was 9 (territory 6–12) days. No postoperative confusions of high evaluation happened inside 30 days of medical procedure.

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