Germline DNA samples from African American women from 10 U.S. studies were tested for mutations in 20 established breast cancer predisposition genes using a QIAseq multiplex amplicon panel as part of the Cancer Risk Estimates Related to Susceptibility (CARRIERS) study.

The mean age at diagnosis of breast cancer cases was 54.4 years and the mean age of controls was 55.2 years. 18.2% of cases and 10.8% of controls reported a first-degree family history of breast cancer. Pathogenic mutations in any of the 20 breast cancer predisposition genes were identified in 7.6% of breast cancer cases and 2.4% of controls. In multivariable analyses, mutations in BRCA1, BRCA2, and PALB2 were associated with high risks of breast cancer. Mutations in CHEK2 were associated with moderate risks of breast cancer, whereas mutations in ATM had lower clinical relevance. Mutations in BRCA1, BRCA2, PALB2, and RAD51D, but not CHEK2 or ATM, were associated with increased risks of estrogen receptor negative breast cancer.

Genetic Predisposition to Breast Cancer Among African American Women