There is evidence to suggest that Asian women in the UK have specific contraceptive and sexual health needs. As part of a more comprehensive needs assessment project, we compared Asian women’s usage of our specialist Contraception, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services to non-Asian women.

Researchers offered anonymous questionnaires to all service users. The data was analyzed separately for Asian and non-Asian women.

The response rate was low for Asian women, with only 26% completing questionnaires. There were no significant differences between the groups for proportions of women attending for each contraceptive method. Confidentiality, female staff, and not wanting to see their general practitioner were stated more often as reasons for using our service by Asian women.

The study concluded that the National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV emphasizes the need for services targeted at ethnic minorities. Asian women use our clinics for a variety of their sexual health needs. Some use our service in preference to general practice, which may reflect ease of access and the perceived confidentiality that a dedicated Contraception and Sexual Health Service offers. Primary care trusts should consider these preferences.