There are various elements that nature provides however yet they are very much unknown to the people. This is because of the reason that the people are in the position to understand that one such element like aspirin reduces colorectal cancer and hence, plays an important role in curing the probability of its happening and incidence and the rate of fatality which may follow. Therefore, in order to prove how efficient it is in curing the deadly types of cancer, various studies have been conducted. For this, aspirin mediated effects on phenotype and stem cell markers in intestinal organoids were derived from the mouse and hence, an attempt was made to study its effects on the human body and the cancer treatment. This was very amazing to find that the aspirin is actually very much effective in curbing the menace of the virus in the best possible way. The presence of healthy phenotype biomarkers was proof of the fact that these will be able to get sorted in the best possible manner. Therefore, the dosage of aspirin must be increased since it has the capacity to curing the infection with an increased rate of 5-8 percent. This will probably pave a way for a speedier recovery.

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