The mental health of burn survivors should be a significant focus of healthcare professionals who work with them, according to a study published in Burns. Researchers also stressed that efforts should be made to eliminate negative cognition by regularly recommending stigma counseling measures based on cognitive behavioral therapy. Responses from 148 burn survivors were analyzed, and data were collected via Social Impact Scale, Resourcefulness Scale, and Toronto Alexithymia Scale. A significant correlation was found between alexithymia, stigma, and resourcefulness. Sociodemographic characteristics, alexithymia, clinical characteristics, and resourcefulness of burn survivors were meaningful predictors of stigma among this population. Between stigma and alexithymia in burn survivors, the mediating effect of resourcefulness measured 36.03% of the total effect. “Psychological counseling and intervention are carried out in various ways to fully mobilize their internal factors for positive emotional regulation and enhance the ability of individuals to cope with adversity,” the study authors wrote.