The novel coronavirus was adjudged as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Since then, healthcare across the world has been in the most fragile state. This is because of the sole reason that the disease of coronavirus is extremely deadly and ta the same time, there is no vaccine available in the market for curing the same. However, the health workers are making their best possible attempt to ensure that they are providing the best possible care and treatment to the people who are getting infected by this deadly virus. Not only the casual patients but also the patients who have already been treated by the deadly cancer disease are equally at risk to ensure the safety of their lives. This is because of the reason that the radiotherapies and systematic therapies are increasing the instances of causing high fever to the patients, which possibly increase the chances of a decreased immunity, thereby enabling the person to contract coronavirus. Therefore, the chances of death of these people keep on increasing, and hence, the people are under an increased risk of saving themselves. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to change the pattern of the research and ensure that the treatment of cancer does not pose a risk of contracting the virus at any cost.

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