The aim is To assess the plausibility and wellbeing of the EDGE SP1000 single-port automated stage by performing nephrectomy in a live porcine model. Robotic nephrectomy was performed on example gathering of five gilts utilizing the EDGE SP1000 single-port automated framework. The consistent crucial indications of all gilts were checked all through the activity to look at the wellbeing of the activity. Information with respect to careful entanglements and specialized troubles all through the activity were recorded for future assessment. At long last, the endurance of the example gilts fourteen days after the activity were recorded. The robot-helped nephrectomy yielded a noteworthy outcome that all example gilts made due following fourteen days. Besides, neither careful confusions nor specialized challenges were experienced during the activity. In particular, the specialist and colleague who were utilizing the framework thought that it was advantageous and performed incredibly during the activity. This examination shows that the EDGE SP1000 single-port automated careful framework is protected and possible for the utilization of nephrectomy in gilts.

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