The objective of the study was to conduct a thorough evaluation of studies into the link between celiac and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). MEDLINE and EMBASE’s literature search was conducted with no year or linguistic limitations. There were observational studies that included reports on the occurrence of CD in ASD patients and/or ASD in CD patients. Design, characteristics, ASD and CD diagnostic criteria and frequency of positive cases were recorded for the study sample. The quality of the trial was evaluated on a modified quality assessment scale from Newcastle to Ottawa. A meta-analysis has not been undertaken due to the considerable heterogeneity between studies. 17 papers exploring the connection between CD and ASD were incorporated from the 298 unique citations obtained in our search approach. Of those publications, 13 have been observed in ASD patients and 6 of CD patients have been noticed. Overall, most studies had tiny sample numbers and no evidence that the 2 diseases were associated.

The risk of systematic and/or random error is the major evaluation of the relationship between CD and ASD. However, in a few quality research, a possible relationship has been demonstrated, and this comorbidity cannot therefore be excluded. Future studies should recruit bigger samples, include accurate CD and ASD diagnoses, and exclude gluten-free diet patients with ASD.