CRS is a multifactorial inflammatory disease. The role of genetic variations of related genes in CRS development and severity of symptoms is unknown.

The researchers carefully selected candidate CRS-related genetic polymorphisms and evaluated the different associations according to the presence of a nasal polyp, asthma, and AR in a Southwestern Chinese population.

In four hundred and fifty-two CRS patients and five hundred and ninety-one healthy controls, clinical-epidemiological information was collected. Twenty-three previously reported CRS-related SNPs were genotyped. Genotypes were determined using a Sequenom MassARRAY SNP genotyping system. The association between CRS, genotypes, asthma, AR, and symptoms was analyzed.

Statistically significant genotypic association with CRS was observed with an IL1RL1 genetic polymorphism. A similar association was observed with rs13431828 in CRS subgroups with nasal polyps, asthma, and AR. No significant association with other SNPs was observed. The evaluated genetic polymorphisms were not associated with clinical symptom scores.

This study concluded that replicated rs13431828 as being associated with CRS in Southwestern Chinese. rs13431828 was also significantly associated with CRS patients who have concurrent allergic nasal diseases.