There were concerns expressed that propranolol therapy of infantile hemangioma (IH) may increase the risk of adverse effects and growth impairment in preterm newborns due to their immature development. So, for a study, researchers wanted to determine if treating IH with propranolol in preterm babies was related to a greater frequency of long-term deleterious effects and development impairment than in term infants.

The clinical data of 55 preterm babies and 180 term infants with IH who were treated with oral propranolol for 6 months were gathered and examined retrospectively. In terms of general features and adverse impact incidence, preterm and term patients did not vary substantially (all p > 0.05). The preterm babies’ height, weight, and head circumference at 1, 2, and 3 years of age did not differ substantially from the normal controls (all p > 0.05). Only 1-year-old female weight and head circumference were substantially larger in the term patients than in the normal controls (both p < 0.05).