The Particulars: The lung volume reduction coil (LVRC) is a bronchoscopic device that gathers and compresses diseased lung tissue, allowing healthy tissue to function more efficiently. Previous research has not evaluated the LVRC in the treatment of homogenous or heterogeneous emphysema.

Data Breakdown: In an analysis of three studies, researchers investigated 2,081 LVRCs that were implanted in 218 procedures. Significant improvements were seen at both 6 and 12 months in quality of life (QOL), forced expiratory volume, residual volume, and 6-minute walking distance for those receiving the devices. The most frequent serious adverse event (SAE) within 30 days of treatment was COPD exacerbation (6%). The authors noted that all SAEs resolved with standard care.

Take Home Pearls: LVRC treatment appears to improve lung function, exercise capacity, and QOL in patients with homogenous or heterogeneous emphysema. These improvements were sustained for up to 1 year.