The Particulars: Previous research indicates that as many as 60% of active smokers are not counseled about smoking cessation. This rate is high despite cessation being a strategy to prevent morbidity and mortality.

Data Breakdown: For a study, researchers compared patient charts of active tobacco users with those treated before and after implementation of a program designed to enhance smoking cessation. For the intervention, residents received teaching slides about documenting tobacco cessation counseling. Point-of-care reminders were also implemented. The documentation of smoking history improved from 49% to 66% after the intervention was implemented. After the intervention, the rate of smoking cessation medications prescribed increased from 11% to 16%, and the percentage of smokers who  were counseled rose from 32% to 59%.

Take Home Pearl: Residents appear to document smoking history and use tobacco cessation counseling more often if they are given a brief lecture about documentation and are provided point-of-care reminders.