Researchers conducted this study to determine the positive and negative attitudes of married Turkish women and men regarding oral contraceptives (OCs).

The researchers conducted twenty focus group discussions during October 1998-March 1999 in Umraniye, one of Istanbul’s densely populated districts.

Most of the negative attitudes relating to OCs stemmed from concerns over side effects, particularly in the male focus groups. Health care professionals’ behavior, lack of respect or bias, and their reluctance to prescribe also limited the uptake of OCs. The female groups had very positive attitudes towards OCs compared to those of the male groups. It was identified that although OCs are primarily provided free of charge in Turkey, beliefs, and attitudes towards them are the essential factors that affect the uptake of the method.

The study concluded that special efforts mighty be needed to educate these groups and teach the health professionals about family planning counseling. Proper counseling ensures that people will get effective family planning. Non-effective counseling will just add to the cost with no good results. Oral contraceptive use can be increased if clients are appropriately counseled about the usage and possible side-effects.