Researchers conducted this study to explore the attitudes, views, and understanding of women attending a Hindu temple towards cervical screening, HPV testing, and two HPV self-sample collection devices. The present study is a mixed-methods design comprising a survey. Focus group discussions were recorded and transcribed verbatim and explored using thematic framework analysis.

A total of 185 Hindu women completed surveys, and 23 attended focus groups. Of the respondents, 75% aged 25–64 years reported having cervical screening within the last five years; 85% had participated in college or university. Additional barriers cited included age and country of birth, with older and Indian-born women thought to be less likely to attend the screening. Women were not confident that their sample would be as good as a clinician sample and expressed concern about the impact of a positive HPV result on their relationships.

The study concluded that screening attendance in this highly educated Hindu women group was slightly lower than in the general population. Women felt able to collect their sample for HPV testing with a Dacron swab but lacked confidence that it would be as good as that obtained by a clinician.