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Stillbirth Among Arab Women in Canada, 1981-2015.

The Arabic-speaking population is increasing in Europe and North America. Evidence suggests that Arab migrants have a greater risk of adverse birth outcomes than nonmigrants, but the risk of stillbirth is largely understudied....

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Treatment of recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer.

The majority of patients with advanced ovarian cancer progress after first-line therapy and require further treatment. Tumor biology, prior chemotherapy, responses to previous therapy, performance status, and toxicity are the...

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Surgery in recurrent ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is one of the most challenging diseases in gynecologic oncology. The presentation of frequent recurrences requires the establishment and further development of therapy standards for this patient group. Surgery is...

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New strategies in ovarian cancer treatment.

Insights from basic science dissecting carcinogenesis in the fallopian tube and ovary have led to a deeper understanding of the origin, molecular characteristics, and types of ovarian cancers. This logically then has led to the...

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