The aim of this study is To introduce a stepwise portrayal and results of bladder neck saving (BNS) robot-helped basic prostatectomy (RASP). Between March 2015 and December 2018, 30 successive patients with considerate prostate hyperplasia went through BNS RASP. Benchmark qualities, and intraoperative and postoperative factors were reflectively preoccupied. Graphic measurements were utilized to report the factors. The mean (standard deviation usable time was 107.5 minutes, and the mean assessed blood misfortune was 132.4 (35.4) mL. All cases were finished mechanically with no intraoperative inconveniences, and consistent bladder water system was a bit much for any quiet postoperatively. All patients had the option to void after catheter expulsion aside from one patient with a previous determination of neurogenic bladder who continued clean irregular catheterization. All patients were landmass as characterized as utilizing 0 cushions postoperatively. Of the 19 patients who had antegrade discharge before the activity, 8 patients (42%) revealed of proceeded antegrade discharge after the activity.

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