The observation states that Children with suspected or affirmed Covid sickness 2019 who endure disastrous cerebrum injury because of one of various neurologic intricacies or from a disconnected cycle and require assessment for death by neurologic measures. There is a danger to medical services suppliers from vaporized age during the neurologic assessment and apnea test for assurance of death by neurologic rules. In this specialized note, we give direction to alleviate transmission hazard and keep up patient security during each progression of the passing by neurologic measures assessment. Clinicians should put on suitable individual defensive gear prior to playing out the demise by neurologic models assessment. Danger of vaporized age and viral transmission during the apnea test can be moderated by utilizing nonstop certain aviation route pressure conveyed through the ventilator as a methods for apneic oxygenation. Doctors ought to evaluate the danger of moving Covid infection 2019 patients to the atomic medication suite to play out a radionucleotide cerebral blood stream study, as disengagements to and from the ventilator for transport and accidental ventilator detachments during transport can expand transmission hazard.

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