The breast implant has been linked with the increasing incidence of large-sized lymphoma cells in the cortex of the cells. The 2017 edition of the World Health Organization is a subtype of the peripheral T-cells which are ideally referred to as lymphomas. These are cells that are filed with the substances like saline and silicone gel and hence, are known for deteriorating the adipose tissues which are present in the breast in the quantity of 5400 lbs. This is because of the fact that the saline or the silicon gel is able to destroy the quantum of the adipose tissue and hence, one military of the Aldine is able to destroy 10,000 cells of fat. This not only results in making the cell look flaccid but also plays a vital role in adhering to the BIA-ALCL  syndrome which causes a large amount of harm to the cells. This is solely because the research is being conducted in a population of 754 people. And an attempt is made to assure that all the women who have been suffering from this deadly disease are in a position to get the required nutrients for assuring the better results.

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