The aim is To cover the results of essential hypospadias fixed with the Byars two-stage technique.

Essential hypospadias fixes with the Byars two-stage strategy, somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2012, were reflectively audited. Clinical diagrams were assessed and dissected. Follow up was at about fourteen days, a quarter of a year, a half year and one year after medical procedure. Inconveniences, which included fistula, glans dehiscence, meatal stenosis, urethral injury, diverticulum, intermittent penile arch and others, were reported and examined.

One hundred and 28 cases were remembered for the current investigation. The middle follow up was 30 months (range 13–44 months). All folds took effectively after the principal stage. Generally speaking intricacy rates were 11.8%. Intricacies included: seven instances of fistula; five glans dehiscence; two urethral injuries, which created after fistula fix; and one covered penis. No intermittent penile shape was recorded.

The Byars two-stage method is a possibility for essential hypospadias when the urethral plate is cut across. It had a 11.8% confusion rate in this current investigation.

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