This research states that Variations from the norm in the supplement framework have been depicted in patients with schizophrenia, with those people having more prominent recurrence of supplement segment 4A (C4A) alleles and higher C4A record levels in after death cerebrum tissue. Significantly, variations from the norm in C4A and other supplement particles have been related with synaptic pruning irregularities that happen during neurodevelopment. A couple of studies have explored C4 levels in living patients with schizophrenia, however every one of them did so utilizing fringe blood tests. No examinations have analyzed C4 levels in cerebrospinal liquid (CSF), apparently a superior biofluid decision given its personal contact with the cerebrum. In this manner, we report unexpectedly on C4 levels in CSF and plasma of patients with schizophrenia. In this investigation, we acquired CSF in 32 patients with schizophrenia range problems and 32 solid volunteers and fringe blood tests in 33 SSD and 31 sound volunteers. C4 levels were estimated utilizing Abcam ELISA examines. Univariate investigation didn’t show a genuinely critical contrast in CSF C4 esteems between gatherings. Nonetheless, a multivariable investigation indicated a measurably huge expansion in CSF C4 levels between bunches subsequent to adapting to sex and age. We likewise noticed a high connection between CSF C4 levels and age. Paradoxically, plasma C4 levels were not essentially extraordinary between gatherings. CSF and plasma C4 levels were not essentially associated. Thus we end up stating  the utilization of CSF tests is basic and ought to be corresponding to the utilization of fringe blood tests to take into account an exhaustive comprehension of supplement C4 variations from the norm in schizophrenia.