Despite the fact that the influenza vaccine is an essential public health strategy for older persons, vaccination rates remain low. Researchers performed an online poll for Canadians aged more than or equal to 65 and above to investigate satisfaction with publicly-funded standard-dose influenza vaccinations as well as opinions of the need for a more effective product.

They were given information on presently approved influenza vaccines and asked what they thought about whether all formulations should be free and if the recently approved high-dose (HD) vaccine for seniors should be paid for. From March to April 2017, 5014 seniors participated in the study( range of ages in 71.3 ± 5.17), 50% were female, and 42.6% had one or more chronic diseases. In the 2016/17 season, 3403 people were immunized against influenza. Although 3460 people were happy with standard-dose influenza vaccinations, 3067 said that a more effective vaccine was/might be needed. If HD was free, 1426 people would consider it, with 62.9% willing to spend $20 or less. If all vaccinations were free the next season, 1914 people would pick HD vaccine, 856 would choose adjuvanted vaccine, and 558 would choose standard-dose vaccine.


843 respondents were opposed to immunizations, 451 had no opinion, and 392 were unsure. Making this product available through government-funded initiatives might be an approach for increasing vaccination rates in this demographic.