“As a medical professional, I’m going to have to take a picture of me sticking my head through this so I can post it on Facebook.”   — Alex Fanning, MD


“So, I’ve looked through the results of your testing. It appears you have a giant hole in your body.”


“I needed to explain the risks and benefits of AV node ablation, Sir.”  — Martha O’Leary, RN


“We need a X-ray of this sir.”  – Paula Mitchell, Taylor Regional Hospital


“Holy ****! I haven’t seen a hole that big in a patient since I was doing a rotation in OB.” – Anonymous


“So…you say aliens did this to you?” – Morin Donaldson


“My goodness Gene…I would’ve asked for the enema first!” – R.T. Eillis, MD

“I see the vasectomy went well” – Jim Evans

“Sure I believe in alternative medicine, but that must have been a BIG acupuncture needle.” – Nicholas DiNubile, MD”


“Doc, I feel like I am missing something.” – K.F.

“So what did you say your bowel movement looked like this am?”  – Robert Vyge, MD


“Hungry?” –  Christy Harry, WGHealth


“I must say, this is the first time I have ever seen a cannonball injury from a pirate ship reenactment.”


“I’m afraid you’ve got the doughnut hole syndrome”


“Mr. Jones, what kind of diet did you say this was?” – Hailey  Libengood PA-C

“I’m going to have to refer you to a holistic medicine specialist.” – Tom Garvey


“That Medicare doughnut hole is going to require a little attention” I can feel it increasing in size already! – Linda Yaeger


 “You weren’t kidding when you said that dinner went right through you last night.”
Ashley Fields, RN


“Mike Hess Ah, yes, definite signs of acute airspace disease process.” – Mike Hess