Total of 0.21 Years Lost Due to Opioid-Related Poisoning Deaths

Drug-related poisoning deaths up from 2000 to 2015, with most of the increase due to opioid deaths

Multicomponent Intervention Linked to Greater Drop in BP

Intervention beneficial over 18 months for low-income adults in Argentina with uncontrolled HTN

Half of Repeat Antibiotics in Australia Extend Initial Rx

More than one in five occur at least one month after the initial prescription

CPAP Telemonitoring Improves 90-Day Adherence

However, remote automated education program alone did not significantly improve adherence

Monthly Feedback Linked to Improved Colonoscopy Quality

But no improvement observed with quarterly feedback

AAP: Few Doctors Provide Firearm Injury Prevention Info in ER

Barriers include political restraint, lack of physician awareness, and legal constraints

AAP Conference Highlight: Epinephrine Admin Training Needed in Many Schools

In 2015 to 2016, 2.7 percent reported that epinephrine was administered by unlicensed staff

Deaths, Cardiac Arrest Not Rare in Triathlon Participants

Incidence of death or cardiac arrest 1.74 per 100,000 participants; higher incidence in men, with age

Pediatricians Increasingly Aligned With Breastfeeding Guidelines

However, their confidence in breastfeeding success, managing problems declining

AAP Conference Highlight: Some Improvement in Child Passenger Safety Practices

Increase in rear facing infants from 84 to 91 percent during 2009 to 2015, but drop in booster seat use

Narrow Networks in ACA Marketplace for Mental Health

Plan networks include 11.3 percent of all mental health care providers in given state-level market

AAP Issues Clinical Report on Teen Tattoos, Piercings

Clinical report details possible medical complications, provides clinician guidance

AHA: Home BP Monitoring Down for Those Without Partners

Having, being aware of/treated for hypertension linked to increased frequency of home BP monitoring

AHA: Target Organ Damage From HTN Also Seen in Teenagers

Sixteen percent of teenagers had left ventricular hypertrophy with SBP below the 95th percentile

AHA: Multifaceted Intervention Improves BP Control

Increase in BP control from 65.6% to 74.8%, with significant increase in control in 12 of 16 practices

CGM Use in Pregnancy Improves Neonatal Outcomes

No apparent benefit for continuous glucose monitoring for women planning pregnancy

Drills Assess ER Response to Communicable Disease

Median time from entry to masking was 1.5 minutes; from entry to isolation was 8.5 minutes

AAP Conference Highlight: Cellphone Ownership Linked to Cyberbullying in Children

Cellphone owners in grades 3, 4 were significantly more likely to be victims of cyberbullying

AAP Conference Highlight: Sliding on Lap Linked to Leg Fracture for Young Children

Percentage of injuries for children on lap of another person was higher for younger age groups

2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes Released

Recommendations for T1D focus on monitoring, pharmacologic approaches to glycemic management

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