Small Link for Cannabis Use, Reduced Cognitive Functioning

Small overall effect size for frequent and heavy cannabis use among adolescents, young adults

Social Support of Autonomy Tied to Better Glycemic Control in DM

Findings suggest family and friends’ support of autonomy also lowers diabetes distress

Disordered Eating Among Teens Tied to Future Depression

Also, bullying by peers is associated with depressive symptoms and disordered eating behavior

Smartphone App May Up Medication Adherence in HTN

But use of the app not linked to a change in systolic blood pressure in poorly controlled hypertension

Self-Regulation Interventions Beneficial for Children

Improvement in academic, health, and behavioral outcomes in most intervention groups

CDC: Asian U.S. Mothers More Likely to be Older, Married

Non-Hispanic Asian mothers are more educated; some characteristics vary by subgroup, place of birth

Stronger Link With Mortality for Ambulatory Versus Clinic BP

Ambulatory BP is a stronger predictor of all-cause, cardiovascular mortality than clinic measures

Triple Therapy Tied to Reduced Rate of COPD Exacerbations

Benefits seen for triple therapy with fluticasone furoate, umeclidinium, and vilanterol

Social Worker-Led Intervention Beneficial in Heart Failure

Palliative care intervention may up likelihood of revising prognostic assessment in line with doctor’s

UTI Calculator Predicts Risk of Infant Urinary Tract Infection

Calculator reduces testing and decreases the number of urinary tract infections that were missed

Opioid Packaging Often Lacks Info on Safe Storage, Disposal

Instructions for safe disposal of unused opioid medications often inconsistent, infrequent, or absent

Repeated BP Measures Linked to Drop in Initially Elevated BP

Repeated measurement of initially elevated blood pressure linked to 8 mm Hg reduction in systolic BP

Neuroscience Education, Motor Control Training Ease Spinal Pain

Pain neuroscience education, targeted motor control training more effective for chronic spinal pain

2000 to 2015 Saw Increase in Institutional Post-Acute Care

Increased LOS in post-acute care at SNF and rehab facilities; decreased hospital LOS

USPSTF: Exercise Interventions Prevent Falls in Seniors

Second recommendation statement finds evidence lacking for benefit of calcium, vitamin D, or both

Youth With Gender Nonconformity Vulnerable to Adversity

And, transgender/gender nonconforming youth have higher prevalence of mental health conditions

Most Doctors’ Offices Don’t Offer Flexibility for Uninsured

Most uninsured patients can make primary care appointment but only if can pay full cash amount

Nonoptimized Drug Therapy Costs More Than $500 Billion Annually

After initial Rx use, average cost of individual having treatment failure, new medical problem over $2,000

Number of Drinks Predicts Teens’ Other Risky Behaviors

Other risky behaviors include drug/tobacco use, risky sexual and driving behaviors, fights, suicide

Contextual Factors Linked to Overeating, Loss of Control

Internal factors correlated with loss of control, while external factors tied to overeating severity

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