Higher β-Blocker Dose Linked to Lower Mortality Risk

Effect is larger in chronic heart failure patients with diabetes than CHF patients without diabetes

5-Fluorouracil Promising for Vaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia

High success rate seen for 5-fluorouracil as initial treatment modality; also promising for recurrences

Increased Repolarization Dispersion Seen in SCD Survivors

Detected by non-invasive electrocardiographic imaging, but not standard ECG, after exertion

Stool-Based Protein Combos Can Improve CRC Screening

Combo of four proteins can detect CRC, advanced adenomas, with higher sensitivity than hemoglobin

RSNA: BMI Linked to Detection of Larger Breast Tumors

BMI linked to detection of tumor larger than 2 cm among screen-detected and interval cancers

NOACs Show Lower Risk of Adverse Renal Outcomes in A-Fib

Compared with warfarin, dabigatran and rivaroxaban linked to lower risk of adverse renal outcomes

Doubts Raised About Use of Products Containing Oxybenzone

Increased adverse reactions may be result of closed loop involving ingesting fish, washing ingredient off

Insulin Doesn’t Prevent Diabetes in Relatives of T1DM Patients

Oral insulin doesn’t delay onset in autoantibody-positive relatives of patients with type 1 diabetes

High Salt Intake Impacts Gut Microbiome

But, gut bacteria may be a therapeutic target to counteract effects of high-salt diets

Treatment Trajectories Vary for Children With Depression

Most common class got psychotherapy monotherapy, and had lowest incidence of attempted suicide

Salivary miRNAs Can ID Duration of Concussion Symptoms

Pediatric patients with prolonged symptoms were accurately identified by levels of five miRNAs

Chronic Conditions Increasing Among Childbearing Women

Identification of at least one chronic condition rose from 66.9 to 91.8 per 1,000 delivery hospitalizations

Fat Distribution May Influence Bone Strength in Adolescence

Inverse links for visceral adiposity, bone strength in girls and central adiposity, bone strength in boys

Spinal Cord Stimulation May Reduce Neuropathic Pain

After 5 years, more than half of patients with painful diabetic polyneuropathy had treatment success

SMS Reminders Moderately Effective for Flu Vaccination

One additional high-risk patient immunized for every 29 SMSs sent, costing $3.48

Attributes of High-Value Primary Care Identified

Significant attributes include decision support for evidence-based medicine, careful specialist selection

NAFLD Linked to Increased Cancer Incidence Rate

NAFLD strongly tied to development of hepatocellular carcinoma, CRC in males, breast cancer in females

Dating Violence Victimization, Nonmedical Rx Med Use Linked

Nonmedical use of prescription drugs linked to dating violence for male, female high school students

Certain Traits Tied to More HIV Tests in Transgender Individuals

Those who are female, black, or sex workers are likely to have undergone more testing

First-Line Metformin Use for DM Up; Sulfonylurea Use Down

But sulfonylureas still most common drugs initiated as second-line treatment

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