Caustic ingestion is a potentially severe condition wherein the early identification of the poor outcome is often linked together with the problem of indigestion in the people. There have been many pieces of evidence that have been linked with this kind of indigestion. In addition, there has been an additional amount of mounting burden which has been able to prove that the cohort studies using the population of 8722 patients, it was ultimately observed that the internal validation was provided by a maximum of 98 percent of the patients of the fact that they were constantly facing the problems of caustic indigestion whenever they had to undergo the consumption of those foods which were having the ph levels in the range of 7.45-7.80. In addition, there were many additional sources that were being revealed, and hence, it was revealed that the score was able to allow a reliable prognosis of caustic ingestion and hence, had the potential of becoming more accurate and more classical than ever before. There has been an increase in the incidence in the occurrence since then.

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