Info Lacking When Deciding on Cesarean Section


Researchers in New York have found that candidates for trial of labor after a cesarean (TOLAC) and for elective repeat c-section (ERCS) appear to know little regarding their risks and benefits associated with the chosen mode of delivery. When patients perceived that their provider had a preference for ERCS, few chose TOLAC. Most women chose TOLAC if it was the preference of their provider.

Abstract: American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, June 13, 2012 (online).

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  1. Unfortunately women are led to believe that a caesarean is a last resort and as it is frequently passed over in many antenatal classes it is no surprise to me women approach their birth knowing virtually nothing. The real concern is that many then experience interventions in total fear and remain traumatised for months and even years afterwards. The drive for natural births while admirable does nothing to redress this encouraging women to attempt vaginal births after a previous caesarean. All of which is fine if women understand the comparative risks. However most do not. Caesarean Birth: A positive approach to preparation and recovery by Leigh East (available on Amazon) addresses this lack of information on caesarean birth at least in a slim book written specially for mothers.


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