Individuals with stomas and their spouses go through various adjustments due to their new living conditions. For a study, researchers sought to ascertain the effects of stoma production on the lives of people with stomas and their spouses. The study was conducted at a stoma therapy facility with persons with stomas (n=15) and their spouses (n=15). Semistructured interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed digitally. The qualitative data were analyzed using inductive reasoning.

The authors selected three settings, nine themes, and several subthemes based on data from in-depth interviews (49 subthemes for individuals with a stoma and 30 subthemes for spouses). The majority of subthemes were stated by the individual with a stoma and his/her partner, indicating that sentiments, ideas, and challenges were frequently shared between couples.

Ostomies alter individuals’ and their spouses’ lives. These modifications have largely detrimental biopsychosocial consequences. However, after stoma surgery, partners enhance their devotion to one another and have a deeper understanding of the importance of good health.