CHEST 2013: Cigarette Size & Lung Cancer Risk

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The Particulars: The significant risks of smoking have been well established for decades. Little is known, however, regarding the health risks associated with different sizes of cigarettes.

Data Breakdown: Researchers at Harvard University compared urine tests among smokers of regular, king-sized, long, or ultra-long cigarettes. Smokers of long or ultra-long cigarettes had significantly higher levels to tobacco-specific carcinogens in their urine than other smokers. The elderly, African Americans, and women were more likely to smoke long or ultra-long cigarettes than other smokers.

Take Home Pearls: People who smoke long or ultra-long cigarettes appear to be at greater risk of developing cancer than smokers of regular or king-size cigarettes. Efforts to increase awareness of this added risk should be targeted toward older, African-American, and female smokers. 

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