The Particulars: Previous studies have shown that use of an endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) scope in the esophagus (EUS-B) provides access to areas inaccessible via the bronchial tree. Research has yet to determine if there are differences in post-procedural recovery between EBUS and EUS-B performed with an EBUS scope.

Data Breakdown: A database review of patients undergoing either EBUS or EUS-B found the following:




Maximal procedural oxygen flow

4.5 L

6.3 L

Average sedation (midazolam)

2.8 mg

4.97 mg

Average sedation (fentanyl)

64.22 mcg

103.94 mcg

Minutes to wean off oxygen

17.5 minutes

22.5 minutes

Minutes to meet respiratory discharge criteria

39.96 minutes

53.21 minutes

Take Home Pearls: EUS-B appears to require less sedation and oxygen support than EBUS. EUS-B also appears to be associated with shorter recovery times.