New research is being presented at CHEST 2014, the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians, from October 25 to 30 in Austin, TX.


Meeting Highlights

Portable Ventilator Improves Health Status

Trends in ARDS-Related Mortality

CPAP & Sexual Quality of Life

A Wrist Activity Monitor for COPD Patients

Geriatric Syndromes, ADLs, & Health Status in COPD

Adding ECMO to CPR

Predicting Time to Wean in ARDS

Transthoracic Ultrasound for CAP in the ED

A Novel Approach to ED Thoracotomy Training

ECMO for Refractory ARDS


News from CHEST 2014

Stopping Inhaled Steroids in COPD Feasible

Mixed Results With Combo Therapy for PAH

CHEST: Lower ARDS Mortality, PAH, Jerky Legs

Lung Donation After Cardiac Death Shows Promise

Benefits of Aclidinium Persist to 1 Year for COPD

Tiotropium Showing Promise in Pediatric Asthma

Implant Eliminates External Pump in Pulmonary Hypertension

Common Sense Ebola Measures Save Lives in Africa, Teach US

Once-Daily Combo Outperforms Twice-Daily in COPD

Ebola, the Asthma Epidemic, and the Microbiome at CHEST 2014


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