Researchers did a literature review to provide the most recent diagnostic and therapy options for persistent bacterial prostatitis for this study.

Recurrence after oral antimicrobial treatment is prevalent, owing to increased rates of antimicrobial resistance and the failure to entirely eliminate the offending bacteria from the prostate after prostatitis. Recent literature has described a variety of treatment options for chronic bacterial prostatitis that is resistant to conventional antimicrobial agents, including the use of alternative agents such as fosfomycin, direct antimicrobial injections into the prostate, surgical removal of infected prostatic tissue, chronic oral antibiotic suppression, and an emerging novel therapy that uses bacteriophages to target antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The treatment of persistent bacterial prostatitis, particularly recurrence following oral antimicrobial therapy, remains difficult. This review emphasizes the critical need for further evidence evaluating the efficacy and safety of treatment methods for chronic bacterial prostatitis resistant to traditional oral antimicrobials.