Chronic scrotal content pain (CSCP) is a complicated disease with many etiologies that necessitates a comprehensive study of its pathogenesis, workup, and treatment choices. To supplement the existing understanding of CSCP, researchers conducted a complete and current review. They address recent improvements in CSCP-specific pain questionnaires, contemporary investigations of microscopic spermatic cord denervation and its variants, and innovative methods such as electrical nerve stimulation and cryoablation, as well as randomized control trials with substantial negative findings. In addition, they offer information on the prevention of CSCP caused by surgical iatrogenic causes. 

The ever-changing research on CSCP has resulted in major advancements in its diagnosis and treatment, from oral medicines to salvage possibilities following microscopic spermatic cord denervation. With each step forward, we get closer to establishing a more comprehensive, evidence-based strategy to assist urologists in the management of CSCP.