Evidence for adverse respiratory effects of occupational exposure to DCPs has grown in the last two decades. The link between DCPs and asthma is well documented, but questions remain regarding specific causal agents. The correlation between DCPs and COPD or chronic rhinitis is plausible and has been examined recently. This review aims to summarize recent advances on the effect of occupational exposure to DCP and chronic airway diseases.

Recent epidemiological studies have often focused on healthcare workers and are characterized by efforts to improve the assessment of exposure to specific DCPs. Despite increasing literature on the effect of DCPs on asthma, the burden of work-related asthma caused by DCPs has not decreased in the past ten years, focusing on strengthening prevention efforts. Analyzed data suggest an association between occupational exposure to DCPs and other chronic airway diseases, such as rhinitis, COPD, and poor lung function.

The study concluded that many chemicals in DCPs are likely to cause airway damage, indicating that prevention strategies should target multiple products. Further research is needed to evaluate the impact of DCP exposure on occupational airway diseases beyond asthma.

Reference: https://journals.lww.com/co-allergy/Abstract/2021/04000/Cleaners_and_airway_diseases.2.aspx