The French Society of Intensive Care Medicine in collaboration with the French-Speaking Group of Paediatric Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Unites having been working out on creating the guidelines for the management of Central Venous Catheters. They have been specifically using GRADE technology. This technology has been playing a vital role in ensuring that the people are in the best possible position to access the technology that has been formed so far for treating and curing the virus to the best possible extent. There have been various studies conducted so far. The results have been summarized as follows: for all the patients which are adults, they have to abide by at least 35 recommendations that have been issued so far. They have to ascertain that they follow each of them in order to correct their immune from getting affected in the best possible manner. However, for children, the number of recommendations that have been issued are more. This is because of the reason that the children are having the immunity to take of the people in the best possible manner.

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